With telecom industry changing every day and with newer inventions popping up in the market now and then, the end-consumer will have plethora of options in near future. As of today, VoIP technology rules the market for being cheapest and compatible on wide range of devices and operating platforms including Android and IOS to name a few. announces its new MAC based VoIP call apps for international calling and to dial India. Our MAC based MAC to phone app provides a premium VoIP call service combined with standard prepaid calling card card/PIN functionality so you can easily control your international and India calling expenses. This Internet call app  features basic user options such as make call, redial and provides low international rates to call any country . TelCan is the best VoIP call app for making all your international calls including India.

Keeping ahead of time and competition, presents, an exclusive VoIP based application for MAC and IOS based internet enabled device owners around the world. This application resides on the device as a virtual phone, thus, is also known as softphone for that matter. Laced with latest features, TelCan’s VoIP application for MAC delivers premium VoIP calling with standard prepaid calling card card/PIN functionality. It comes with a call and cost management feature with which one can easily exercise control on his/her international and India MAC to phone calling expenses. Keeping in consideration the requirements of the users, TelCan has facilitated this app with several user options such as make call, redial, speed dial, caller id and compatibility with USB phones, Headsets, Microphones, a Webcam.

This application delivers outstanding voice and video call quality no matter where one calls. Based on SIP, this VoIP application for MAC has VoIP SIP gateway provider and offers echo cancellation, noise reduction and comfort noise during the call. One can download this application by clicking on the download link below and install it to for high quality, echo free MAC to Phone calling. You can receive calls on his/her MAC and vice versa for a greater level of freedom and mobility. In addition, one can make cheap calls and exchange multimedia with his/her family and friends irrespective of where they are. The intuitive interface makes it very easy install and use. So go smarter. Go ahead with TelCan’s MAC to Phone Calling application.

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